The BackMate Powerlift
This industrial designed product is made specifically to protect your lower back. It comes with removable shoulder straps and is popular with employers looking to comply with health and safety lifting regulations. WITH FREE BACKMATE 
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From £34.95
BackMate Car Seat Support
A  light weight easy to carry back support  for use in the car, at home or in the office. The strong outer frame is shaped to the contour of your back and provides comfort and support wether sitting or lying down. FREE with a BackMate PowerLift
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From £14.95     Qty
 Pro Support Belt
Quality Industrial Work Belt with lightweight, breatable mesh and two way stretch for easier movement.
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From £29.95
BackMate Powerlite
A strong yet comfortable support belt for added confidence when suffering with lower back pain.
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From £14.90
Harley Universal Support Belt
Provides gentle and flexible support whilst stabilising the hips, pelvis and spine providing protection and reduce pain. It has additional side pulls to adjust the degree of support  to give uniform compression with unrestricted mobility.
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From £35.95
Harley Power Plus Support Belt
This Harely support belt is ideal for heavier tasks with with additional side pulls to adjust the degree of support and it comes with a removable back protection pad.
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From £49.95
Harley Sacroiliac Support Belt
This Harley Sacroiliac Support Belt provides additional stabilisation to the sacrum and added support to the pelvis helping to re establish the joints natural movement. It has additional side tensioners to adjust the amount of support.
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From £35.95
Harley Lumbar Rolls
A lumbar roll for every seat. The “D” type rolls are ideal on flat backed seats such as in  your car or your office. The circular rolls are more suited to padded, lounge type chairs. Easily portable so they can be taken and used wherever you go.
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From £19.95
Harley Gentle Form Support Belt
This Harley belt provides gentle and flexible support whilst stabilising the hips, pelvis and spine   providing protection and helping banish pain.
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From £34.95
Harley Original Back support
A moulded ergonomic shape, cast in polyurethane this classic back support will provide years of comfort and support.
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From £37.95     Qty
Harley Winged Support
Designed to provide additional lateral support when sitting this product will provide balanced, stable sitting in any chair with a flat back. 32x15cm
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From £26.95     Qty
Harley Designer car/low Back Support
Super slim moulded product giving gentle lumbar support.
Ideal in the car or in an office chair
Moulded visco elastic foam for comfort and relief
Size: 30x21cm (12x8¼")
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From £44.95
Designer Wedge by Harley
This top quality wedge will provide pelvic tilt ensuring your hips are higher than your knees and so take away the strain from your lower back.
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From £44.95
Harley Original Pillow
Contoured for comfort and moulded for support. This high quality memory foam pillow will mould to your neck to cradle it and ensure your spine is held in correct alignment.
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From £46.95
Harley Leg Raiser
Made to an ergonomically beneficial angle this product is designed to support the back, the knees and heels whist allowing the calfs to relax.
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From £54.95
Harley Designer Travel Pillow
Identical to the Harley Designer Pillow but samller. This ingenious product is easily transportable and guaranteed to keep those aches and pains at bay.
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Harley Designer Spine Support
Perfect on an upright type seat this back support provides maximum comfort as it adjusts to the natural curve of the spine.
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From £46.95     Qty
Slimline Wedge by Harley
Ideal for use in your car when the headroom is at a premium it gives just that little extra added support to ease muscle tension in your lumbar region.
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From £25.95
Backfriend Back Support

The Backfriend Back Support is a combined back rest and seat base which can be used to improve posture in a variety of locations such as your home, office, car,† train or plane

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From £99.50     Qty
Biofreeze 4oz Gel
Biofreeze can effectively relieve pain and help in the treatment of your hip, back, shoulder, neck pain & stiffness.
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From £8.95     Qty
Harley  Designer Knee Support
A must for those with hip problems. This product helps take away pressure from the low back and hips allowing the spine to assume its natural “S” shape.  
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From £36.95     Qty
Neo-G Waist Support
Neo-G neoprene†back support without stays
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From £29.95     Qty
Neo G Back Support with stays
Neo G Neoprene Back Support with stays
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From £54.95     Qty
Maternity Support Belly Belt by Carriwell
An adjustable velcro strap makes this simple to fit and easy to use. It provides comfortable and uplifting support. Helps with lower back pain and can be worn discreetly under your clothing throughout your pregnancy.

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From £12.95     Qty
Flexi-Tens by Bodyclock
With 4 pre-set modes, this easy to use, lightweight digital TENS machine is ideal for numerous acute and chronic pain conditions.
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From £39.95     Qty
Posture Kneeling Chair by Putnams
A kneeler chair helps you maintain the correct position whether you are short or tall.  It has deep padding, with excellent stability.
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From £149.95     Qty
Instant Ice Pack Koolpac Original
Single use disposable pack provides instant pain relief. Longer bag size is ideal for wrapping around the problem area. Minimal risk of cross infection. Pack can remain cold for up to 40 mins at room temperature.
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From £9.95     Qty
Harley Designer pillow
The UK's top selling orthopaedic pillow. Contoured for comfort and moulded for support.
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From £59.95
Hot/Cold Wheat Heat Wrap
A versatile, pliable bag to soothe sore bones, muscles or any aches and pains. For use anywhere on the body, hot or cold. Simply microwave for warmth or put in the fridge or freezer to chill.
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From £17.95     Qty
Special Delivery Charges
Special Delivery Charges
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From £14.90     Qty

Welcome to, the UK's preferred choice for Back Support products

Helping to ease the misery of a "bad back".

Welcome to the web site. We have been suppliers of back support belts for 10 years now and have built a reputation with our customers for supplying quality products at reasonable prices. We believe they will help reduce your pain, increase your activity and help your body in it's natural healing process. We offer only quality branded products from established medical supply companies, selected by our own professionally qualified practioner . We believe our service is excellent, our guarantee second to none and look forward to demonstrating to you just how good our customer care is.

Back pain, whether it is lower back pain caused by a work or sports injury or it’s a sciatica back pain, can be very debilitating. Correct support for a bad back is essential at all times when you are working, sleeping, driving or just sitting. A back support belt or a back support brace will help when you are working and active, providing added strength to a weak back and protection against muscle strain. Perfect posture can be very difficult to maintain when you are sitting or driving and the use of an orthopaedic seat wedge, back roll, lumbar roll or back support cushion will help maintain good posture, relieve your back pain and provide extra comfort, especially using a cushion made of memory foam. Coccyx pain can be helped with a coccyx cushion or cocyx wedge. Back pain when sleeping stops your body from resting properly so the use of a memory foam pillow or mattress will help give support to your back. A neck support pillow or knee support will also help you relax.

No single manufacturer provides the best product for every type of support product so at we can offer product from a range of companies. For back supports we use Harley, Jobri, Vulkan, Mc David, MEDesign, Backriend and Mueller. For knee supports we use Lastrap and Donjoy. For shoulder support, ankle support and wrist supports we use Oppo. For maternity support we use Carriwell. For ergonomic seating we use Putnams. For Tensmachines we use Flexi Tens. If you would like more information or a quotation for products from any of these manufacturers please contact us at