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Welcome to Supporting Your Back

Here at, we strive to find the best products to free you from the misery of back pain. Simple aids can make a big difference to your back pain at modest cost and we concentrate on these.

Whilst You Sleep

We have a range of pillows which are designed to hold your head comfortably whilst you sleep. Many people use a pillow which is the wrong size and this puts strain on the neck, shoulder, and back muscles whilst you sleep and this leads to back and neck pain in the morning. Our range of pillows will cradle your head at the correct height, remove the muscle strain and eliminate the back pain.

While You Work

Our back support belt will support your lower back whilst you engage in working and lifting thus reducing back pain at work.

While You Sit

People spend much of the day sitting down. This puts a lot of pressure on the spine which is forced into an unnatural position. We offer two solutions: wedges raise the height of the spine compared to the thighs and this eases the spinal stress, reducing the back pain. There are two options: 8° and 11° wedges. The standard is the 11° wedge, however this may raise your height too much in a car, where the 8° wedge may be more suitable.

Our Latest News

Reducing Stress Can Reduce Back Pain

Recent studies have shown that the level of back pain relates not only to the amount of physical injury but also other factors such as stress levels. It therefore follows that reducing stress levels should lead to a reduction in pain levels. Gentle exercise has bene suggested as the best way to achieve this. However the exact mechanisms behind this are not clear.


We will close for Christmas on the 23rd December 2014 and reopen on 2nd January 2015. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


We are pleased to announce that our new Webstore has been launched using the modern Opencart software.  New products are being added all the time, along with news and information on back pain.

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